Welcome to the Australian Air Force Cadets

The Australian Air Force Cadets can give you more excitement, opportunity and challenge than any other youth organisation in the world.That’s a big statement.  Can we prove it?  You be the judge:

Within months of joining, we’ll have you in the pilot’s seat of an aerobatic aircraft, sitting next to a qualified flying instructor and operating the controls on your own.  You’ll taxi out and then speed down the runway.  You’ll take off and climb for height. 

And that’s just the start of your Air Force Cadets career.Do you want to fly a powered aircraft solo?  Our instructors can train you to go solo from age 16 (minimum legal age) in less than 10 days, on an Elementary Flying Training Course during school holidays.  It’s the same with flying a glider solo, except you can do this at 15. We’re talking about you flying an aircraft – on your own – long before you’ve even got a car license.  How good is that?  And how good to have the following conversation back at school: “What did I do during the school holidays? Learnt to fly a plane solo”.

Want to learn to shoot a rifle?  In the Air Force Cadets, our military-trained instructors will teach you how to use a .22 rifle with precision and safety, and then let you graduate to the Australian military rifle, the Austeyr F88. In our bush-based activities, you’ll be wearing camouflage uniform, operating military radios, and learning navigation, fieldcraft, camping and survival techniques.

You can get even, earn the TAFE Certificate III in Business through the AAFC.

Locate your nearest Air Force Cadets Squadron via this web site, and you and your parents are very welcome to visit us on a meeting night without obligation, where we will show you around and answer all your questions.

7 Wing AAFC is generously supported by the St Andrews Society of Western Australia:  http://saintandrew.org.au

Upcoming events held by the St Andrews Society are published at: http://saintandrew.org.au/category/events/

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