What We Do

Welcome to the Australian Air Force Cadets – No 7 Wing (Western Australia), where you’ll get more excitement, training and challenge than in any other youth organisation in our nation.


Within a few months of joining us, we’ll have you in the pilot’s seat of a two-seater aerobatic aircraft next to a qualified flying instructor, operating the controls on your own, under their direction.

You’ll taxi out to the runway, take off, climb for height, fly around for a while enjoying the view hundreds of metres below, before landing and taxiing back in.

You get to do it all.

And that’s just the beginning of your Air Force Cadets career, which is open to both sexes, and can start from as young as 13 years. You can also join us if you’re older (up to 18) and are able stay until 20 years old.

If you are 18 years or older, you can apply to join as an instructor or officer.

During our twice-yearly flying training courses in the May and October school holidays, our instructors can teach you to fly a glider aircraft solo from age 15 or a powered aircraft from 16 (minimum legal ages) in less than 10 days. This is you flying an aircraft – on your own – long before you’ve even got a car license.


Do you want to learn to shoot a rifle? In the Air Force Cadets, our military-trained instructors will teach you how to target-shoot using a .22 rifle with precision and safety, before you graduate to the Australian military rifle, the Austeyr F88.  And you get badges on your uniform to prove your proficiency.

Promotion and training

Air Force Cadets is fully supported by the Royal Australian Air Force.

Wearing the Air Force blue uniform, you’ll parade with sword, rifle, flags and banners. You can get promoted and lead others with skill and confidence.

In our bush-based activities, you’ll wear camouflage uniform, operate military radios, and learn navigation, fieldcraft, camping and survival techniques.

You can also earn the TAFE Certificate III in Business on annual training courses at RAAF Base Pearce, giving you adult-level front line management qualifications and decision-making skills before you’ve even got a full time job, and years ahead of normal employment opportunities.

In the Air Force Cadets, you’ll become confident, self-sufficient, tenacious and willing to have a go, able to meet almost any challenge, and you’ll also make friendships that will last a lifetime.


Safety is paramount in the Air Force Cadets, with all activities underpinned by an occupational health and safety policy supported by comprehensive training programs.

We don’t tolerate unacceptable behaviour of any kind. All Cadets and staff have rights and obligations to participate in a fair and safe environment, free of bullying, harassment and discrimination. All Cadets and staff sign a code of conduct agreement each year and every activity is prefaced with a reminder on acceptable behaviour.

So, if you are aged 13-18 years, have Australian residency, can attend regularly and have parental permission, we’re holding a place for you in our nation’s most exciting youth organisation – the Australian Air Force Cadets.